Hack Sleep

How to fall asleep faster and improve health and memory

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This book totally delivers!! It's simple and fun to read with lots of informative content. Tips and strategies are simple and yet insightful. I was personally facing sleep issues but the book helped me to achieve quality sleep by practising the given tips for about a month. Recommended for everyone, especially founders!
@aditgupta oooo I may give this a whirl :)
@bentossell Ya, do give it a shot. That's one book that will literally put you to sleep. :)
@aditgupta haha with any luck! What kind of sleep issues does it tackle?
@bentossell Clinical insomnia as well as no-sleep periods due to stress. I was suffering from the latter. Followed some of the tips for about a month, like no caffeine after 2, eating pineapple after 5, no blue-lights, etc. All of them worked for me!! 😊
@aditgupta yeah no caffeine after 2 is a good one - I know @corleyh is pretty strict with her cut off point... unless Philz has been ordered of course... Does it mention anything about Cheese before bed? I'm not sure if it a myth but I was recently hanging with @jacqvon and had cheese before bed... had some reallllly messed up dreams πŸ™„πŸ§€
Hey guys, I'm the author of the book and actually new to this site too. Thanks @aditgupta for the nice comments :) @bentossell I haven't discovered any conclusive effects regarding cheese - but I found that increasing time in direct sunlight, mainly around noon, increased the frequency and recall of my dreams - I began to experience dreams 4-5 times per week and was able to recall them!
@dandanflood Hey Danny! Glad to see you here πŸ™‚ All thanks to you for writing this book. It really helped me sail through a rough patch. Looking forward to more life hack books!! 😊
@aditgupta Really appreciate that! At the moment, I'm focused on producing a digital magazine and I've just launched my Indiegogo page: www.igg.me/at/open-world-mag/x/7... Hoping to pack a lot of valuable content here and create a valuable resource, if you can help get the word out it would be much appreciated!
Anything to help me fall asleep quicker!