Hack Club Shipit ✈

A simple but useful platform to share your amazing projects.

Hack Club Shipit ✈ is a platform for high schoolers to easily build a hub of your own projects, share it with the club or to social media, and vote on others’ ideas and projects.

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Hi Product Hunters, I'm Mingjie, and I made the Shipit Platform with @naes_mik. If you don't already know what Hack Club is, I'll shamelessly quote @zachlatta's comment: "Long story short, Hack Clubs are like hackathons that meet every week at your local high school – students learn to code through building *real* things, like the sort of things you see on Product Hunt (and, in fact, we've had a number of our hackers build stuff on the site). They're entirely student-led, so they really don't feel like classes at all. And all of our materials are open source on GitHub (https://github.com/hackclub/hack...)!". Throughout the year we see tons of websites and projects being made by our club members and leaders. Normally they share the projects through our Slack channel, but as more people ship their projects, some messages got flushed away, and not everyone gets to see them. This project is completely developed by high schooler hackers for high schooler hackers. It is rushed (it took us only 3 weeks to build it from scratch), and it is not perfect. But we'll keep working on it until it is smooth and nice. Shoot us your feedback! If you want to contribute to the project, we are open-source under the GNU GPL-3.0 License. GitHub: https://github.com/mj66/shipit/
Nice work! Just submitted a little week-end hack: https://p.shipit.tech/26z2
I think this is awesome because it fosters follow-up and a new milestone after building something with your pals at a hackathon. The more ya ship, the more ya learn ✨👩🏻‍💻
@impishpimp Glad you liked it. We're working hard to make Shipit focus more on high schoolers, and we're already super proud to see the amazing projects made by our club members all over the world!
Just joined. I want to do something great like hack club in Chicago.
@rainbro_michael Hack Club is everywhere! Maybe you can help some of them out :-) https://hackclub.com
@mingjie 100%. I joined your slack. Looked over your catalog. Very nice.
Making Shipit work more for high schoolers… Hello Product Hunters! The entire Hack Club community has been very excited for the launch of our platform. And we're also happy to see a lot of great projects being shipped! However, in order to maintain the initial goal of the platform, we've decided to clean up some of the previously shipped projects from outside of the club. Product Hunt does not allow new users to hunt products to ensure the quality of the products being hunted; the same idea applies to Shipit. Our initial goal of the project is to prevent good projects from being flushed away, and if we do allow external posts, the platform will also be flooded with projects, and it'll be hard for us to identify the authors of these projects. In the following weeks, we'll be adding the functionality of restricting the posts displayed to only those who are made by Hack Club members. Link sharing will still be available for those who really want to use our platform to share your projects, but by default external projects will be hidden from the main project flow. We’re not yet finished thinking about how we'll implement that yet. But anyway, thanks for your support for Hack Club!