Hack Club Bank 1.0

A bank for high school hackathons 🛠️

Hack Club Bank is a powerful toolkit for organizing your event. We'll handle your finance so you can focus on your event, not nonprofit status and tax filing. For the first time ever we're opening our application process to anyone in high school or college.

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So stoked for Hack Club and excited to see them moving in this direction. This is gonna help a lot more student makers set up hackathons and that's amazing! 🙏
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Hi everyone! I worked on Hack Club Bank. Happy to answer any questions you may have about what we've built! We built Hack Club Bank because we've seen young, driven hackers blocked by the very financial tools that should be supporting them. Hackathon organizers have to get through some incredible hurdles to organize their events, from kafkaesque reimbursement processes at schools to finding a safe place to store money as a minor. We're all hackathon organizers ourselves, and we really wish we had something like this back in high school, so we built Hack Club Bank as the toolkit we want the next generation of organizers to have. You can read the full story here: https://medium.com/hackclub/hack...
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This is awesome! It'd be super crazy if it went international though :) btw, loved the teasing on twtter! https://twitter.com/jajoosam/sta...
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Hack Club Bank has been immeasurable in helping me organize hackathons. It’s amazing & beautiful.


Beautiful design, works flawlessly. Invoices are easy and fast. You definitely need this if you’re organizing a hackathon.


Not really anything :)

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