HacBook Elite

Fully functional Macintosh for 1/3 the price.


From the maker

Daniel Greenberg
Hey all! we were just featured on THE NEXT WEB


Imran Hussain
Apple's cease and desist letter coming in 3.. 2.. 1..
Jack Kim
@jack7kim · Founder @ Aero Audio / PD @ Stanford
Thanks for the hunt @_jacksmith. I started HacBook Elite as a half-serious joke last year while in college studying Product Design. I needed to run OS X to develop iOS apps on Xcode and, being the struggling college kid that I was, didn't have $$$ laying around to drop on a new (or used) MacBook. So I got into the world of hackintoshes and realized there's... Show More
Andrew Pelletier
@andmpel · Project Coordinator Assistant
All the negativity is really a shame. This is amazing.
Fraser Smith
@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
How long before Apple's lawyers are all over this and it's all over?
Sercan Demircan
@sercanov · Mobile App Developer / Project Manager
Seems very suspicious by the way, no contact, no company info, no guarantee.
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