HacBook Elite

Fully functional Macintosh for 1/3 the price.

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Apple's cease and desist letter coming in 3.. 2.. 1..
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@imran_hussain1 ahaha, I was thinking the same :))
@imran_hussain1 Looks like it doesn't come with OS X installed, it's just a hardware 'kit' which might help get around the issue of not being licensed for OS X?
@imran_hussain1 haha... Think I saw the HP logo in there too. Wonder if they'll make a fuss!
@chad_fullerton going by history, this doesn't make a difference to Apple. They have shut down such companies in past who sell hardware under the disguise of cheaper Macs which can run OS X.
@imran_hussain1 True. Using the "Mac" trademark anywhere could still get them in trouble for sure.
Thanks for the hunt @_jacksmith. I started HacBook Elite as a half-serious joke last year while in college studying Product Design. I needed to run OS X to develop iOS apps on Xcode and, being the struggling college kid that I was, didn't have $$$ laying around to drop on a new (or used) MacBook. So I got into the world of hackintoshes and realized there's no pre-built, ready-to-run product that non-technical folks (or Hackintosh enthusiasts) can just buy and start using. So I threw up the website and decided to try selling units. To clarify, HacBook Elite is a ready-to-run *kit* that doesn't come with OS X installed. It ships with everything besides that (i.e. Laptop, compatible WiFi chip, charger, user-friendly guide to getting started, customer support, etc). I'll update the website to make this clearer. Thanks!
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@jack7kim @_jacksmith This is badass. Regardless of what anyone says about Apple getting into a fit, the way you have set this up is freaking bad ass.
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@jack7kim Minor misspelling of 'resistent' should be 'resistant'.
@shellen Thanks, will fix
@jack7kim @_jacksmith Very cool. I avoid Hackintosh because I figure it'll be too much trouble ironing out kinks throughout the generations. Have you planned for OS updates? Will you help people when Apple inevitably foils your hack with its latest OS?
All the negativity is really a shame. This is amazing.
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@andmpel Seriously. It's like everyone is a legal expert on this thread.
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@andmpel Andrew - yes, it's a real shame to see so much negativity; not something often associated with product hunt. @daspianist : yep. lots of people may well be right about the legal side of things; the bigger shame is people thinking it's acceptable to call a project 'awful' or looking like 'shit'.
@daspianist @andmpel it's not really negativity when you have multiple precedents set by Apple in the past on how they deal with businesses trying to cash in on unofficial Macs.
How long before Apple's lawyers are all over this and it's all over?
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@frassmith hackintosh builds have been around for many many years
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@_jacksmith Indeed, but hackintoshes are rarely marketed and sold as a finished product. They're usually, very much a grass-roots do-it-yourself thing.
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@frassmith fair point
@frassmith @_jacksmith What could be the claims Apple lawyers would rant about ?
@acpmasquerade they could say that the sales tagline shouldn't include "a fully-functional Mac", as that's a trademark. They could say that the choice of font-face makes it look like an Apple product. etc.
Seems very suspicious by the way, no contact, no company info, no guarantee.
@sercanov Contact and FAQ are on the bottom of the website. I'll update it to make it more clear. Feel free to tweet me with questions as well