An open source build flow tool for Docker

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Hi Product Hunters! I'm Khash, the creator of Habitus. Habitus is an open source build flow tool for Docker, enabling developers to combine multiple Dockerfiles into complex build and deployment workflows. Anyone who's built a Docker image before, will know how complex the workflow can get. From how to support multi-tenancy builds, keeping attack surfaces small when creating compile time libraries, to finding solutions for how to expose SSH keys without leaving traces in the image, our own development team at Cloud 66 shared many of these challenges. To solve this problem, we created Habitus and released it as an open source project for the developer community to benefit from. We'd love to hear your feedback on the product, so please get in touch! To learn more about Habitus, please visit the website (http://go.c66.me/_habitus) and upvote the best product on Product Hunt. Thank you, Khash PS. As the sponsor of Habitus, sign-up to Cloud 66 with promo code: ProductHunt17 today, and get $500 FREE credits. This is a limited time offer (expires on 31st July 2017) and exclusive to the Product Hunt Community: http://go.c66.me/_habitus
@khash Hey Khash :). How are you using this at C66?
@mscccc Hey Mike! We use Habitus to provide complex build workflow on Cloud 66 BuildGrid (our hosted Code to Image pipeline for all Docker stacks - http://help.cloud66.com/building...).
@khash Nice to get to check out one of the tech behind Cloud 66. Been using your product for several months now in production and everything looks rock stable. What's the difference between Habitus and a tool like Docker Compose?
@geetfun Hey Simon. Thanks for the kind words. Compose is mostly focused on getting the application components up and running while Habitus's aim for building the container images with a workflow.
e.g. You will find Habitus useful when you need to pull code from a private git repository. Your private SSH key will be needed in the image during the build process. By using Habitus, the web server only exposes your secrets to the internal Docker network of your machine, and only for the duration of the build. No traces of your secrets are left behind in the image.