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The Habits app is designed to take your health to the next level! It allows you to start practicing and adopting healthy habits, right away.
@the_scott_davis Thanks for submitting our new app Scott, much appreciated!
@the_scott_davis Thanks again Scott, here is a promo code for Habits - 4TWFAPET6PLK Enjoy!
Hi Jesse, How does it differ from other habits making app such as http://productiveapp.io/? I previously tried few of them and after a while somehow I stop using them. What are your strategies to keep the users active?
@farbodsaraf This is the most important question that needs to be answered in this space. @jesse_chappus got any ideas?
@farbodsaraf Great question Farbod! Our app differs in many ways... I find the majority of the habits apps for iOS are too complicated (including Productive). We really kept things simple by eliminating a built in calendar, streaks etc. You create a profile and have the habits you are practicing in one column and the ones you've adopted in another. Counting streaks, and managing a built in calendar can't be tedious and if the user misses a day it can throw the him/her off. Simple and clean was our goal :) We also differ because the preloaded habits (over 100 on release with more to come) are inspired from the best of the best natural health leaders from around the world that have been guests on our podcast. We've had a weekly health podcast (The Ultimate Health Podcast) for nearly a year and a half. As a chiropractor and nutritionist we tackle health topics on the podcast too, so some of the habits come from us as well. Each habit links to the podcast episode it was inspired from so users can get more info on the habit if they desire :)
@ianissoawesome @farbodsaraf simplicity of use, friendly local reminders, and aesthetics of the app will keep people using it. We don't have penalties for missing a day, which can frustrate people and turn them off. The user moves at their own pace and moves the habit to the adopted column when it becomes ingrained into his/her healthy routine.
@farbodsaraf KFTNJ9XWFXHY - promo code for the app, thanks for commenting Farbod!
@ianissoawesome thanks for commenting Ian, here is a promo code for Habits - 99JH7EF6K6HT
I have used soooooo many of these type of habit tracker apps. I use them for a few weeks maybe even a month. Then I delete it from my phone. What makes Habits different that it will actually stay on my phone longer than a month?
@dredurr great question Deandre! You will keep this app on your phone because it is aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. We didn't complicate things with a calendar, keeping track of streaks, check boxes etc. These things can interfere with consistency of use. When people stop being consistent they delete the app. The interface is very easy to navigate and use. You will happily continue using Habits :)
@dredurr I appreciate you commenting Deandre, here is a promo code for Habits - JKYP6EJLWRXN :)
Hi, I'm Jesse, co-creator of the Habits app. This app is designed to help you organize and adopt new healthy habits. There are a number habits apps for iOS already but we differentiated by keeping things really clean and simple. The floor is now open to AMA... please keep the questions coming ;)
@jesse_chappus Thanks for being active in the PH thread. A lot of makers aren't and it makes for a more engaging experience when they get it right.
@the_scott_davis My pleasure, I'm hoping the questions keep on coming... this is fun!!
Oh and the first 3 questions will get a promo code for a free Habits app!
@jesse_chappus Hi Jesse, really like the look of this. Any chance of an Android release anytime soon?
@jesse_chappus the app will try to re-engage me on practicing habits with app notifications? Because some times they are annoying, I think its quite difficult to master them. :/
@koozai_harry Hi Harry, this is our most asked question... Answer - we definitely will release an Android version asap if the iOS version is initially well received (I'm sure it will be 😉).
@jesse_chappus Thanks Jesse, I look forward to trying it out.
@flpstrri Hi Filipe! Yes, the app has notification abilities. General push option for updates etc. (used rarely) and a local notification option. The LN is once a day at a time set by the user, a friendly reminder keeping the user on track. We kept notifications simple like everything else in the app, ease of use is a top priority for us :)