HabitMinder is a simple app that will help you form and track good habits. Each habit has a dedicated session screen that will help you accomplish the habit. More than 50+ pre-defined habits to start with, create custom habits and fully customize to your needs.

Change your habits and change your life!

Cool! Love their app WaterMinder. Beautiful design across all products. Good job:)
@artboiko Thank you for using WaterMinder! Try out this one, it combines couple of our other apps into one, and is pretty easy to use too! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!
Just missing one thing: For example "gym training: 4x/week", instead of picking fixed days.
It is one of the most clean and useful apps Ive tried (and I used a lot) Clean interface, effective, is a delightful to use. Makes you wanna accomplish your habits.
@jcmarin fantastic that you like it :) and thanks for the download!