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Micah BaldwinHunter@micah · Old Founder. Grey hairs and everything.
I find habit forming apps interesting and hard to get traction. I think its because everyone forms habits differently. Habitloop is looking to add gamification elements and the idea of if-then delayed gratification.
Roman AleksandrenkoMaker@habitloopio · Founder, Habitloop
Why did I build the product? 1. There is a bunch of so called "habit tracking" apps. And none of them really tell you what is the best thing to do. After the extensive research we've put together a collection of the most effective habits. Also, you can rate the habit idea and write a review, so that other people invest their time wisely. 2. The strongest proven methodology! Other apps have none. With "if-then planning" methodology you create a connection between your old action and a new little action of a new habit. The only thing that matters is how consistent you are in letting your triggers cause the new action By the way, here is a link for PH community to get free upgrade for Pro-version: habitloop://free-upgrade (from your phone just paste it in safari browser)
Ingo Radatz@llabball · CTO, R&D at HSH / Berlin, Germany
@habitloopio Thx for the free upgrade option. Can you please say two words about what differentiates the Pro- from the Free-Version?
Roman AleksandrenkoMaker@habitloopio · Founder, Habitloop
@llabball Pro-version has no limits for the number of habits
Viktor Radchenko@vikmeup · Co-Founder, Trust Wallet
>> This habit forming methodology was proven in over 100 studies. What methodology is this app using?
Roman AleksandrenkoMaker@habitloopio · Founder, Habitloop
@vikmeup the methodology is called "if-then planning". The main idea is to use your existing habitual actions as triggers to new small steps. Over time the natural connection in the brain is forming and you no longer depend on motivation or friends support. "TinyHabits" methodology by Stanford professor BJ Fogg is quite similar and has proven to be very effective!
Yeltsin Lima@limayeltsin · Studying Law. Front-End Developer.
Any plans to release an Android version? :)
Roman AleksandrenkoMaker@habitloopio · Founder, Habitloop
@limayeltsin yes, a bit later this year.
Iftekhar inan@inantweets · Fullstack Marketer
And any plan to release a web app version?
Roman AleksandrenkoMaker@habitloopio · Founder, Habitloop
@inantweets do you think it would be reasonable?
Iftekhar inan@inantweets · Fullstack Marketer
@habitloopio Honestly, i think yes. Of course, the number of desktop users is declining, but it's a habit building app- people might want to access it across all devices. The growth of Todoist has a lot to do with the wonderful web version of its app. The same is true for Wunderlist as well.