Habitify for Android

Track daily routine at work, home & everywhere in between 🔥

#5 Product of the DayDecember 22, 2018

Habitify for Android is a minimal habit tracker that helps you track your daily routine at work, at home and everywhere in between!

We build Habitify with a vision to improve people's productivity. We strongly believe that as each individual gets better, the world becomes better, too!

Join our 450.000 users and create 2M+ new habits today :)

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Hi Product Hunters! I'm Peter Vu, founder of Habitify. With your support and encouragement since our launch of the macOS, we've been really motivated to bring Habitify to Android. Now, after 6 months, we've made it just in time for everyone to have a tool to kick off their wonderful 2019! As Habitify is available on iOS, macOS, and Android, now you can track your daily routine at work, at home and everywhere in between. This makes Habitify the only habit tracker available on almost every platform (web and wearOS versions are coming in 2019!) Simplicity is our mission. We design Habitify to be minimal, but pleasant and functional enough to let you focus on what matters most. After all, what's important is how Habitify makes you better. In this launch, we've also released the biggest update of the year (5.0) with new features and revised UI: - Ability to mark habit as "fail" - Added every X day - Added yearly graph - A brand new watch app and complications (iOS) - Habitify Mini on Mac Menu bar We're always striving to give users the best experience with Habitify. Feel free to reach out to us to give your feedback our make suggestions. Thank you, everyone, for having supported us! We wouldn't be able to go this far without you!
@tiepvuvan please add widgets. That's the only thing missing. Widgets help to keep the tasks in front of the face, which is helpful since we are trying to build a habit
Given how critical habits are, it's great to see someone really committing to building the best habit tracking app out there. Congrats on the launch!
@zee Thank you so much, Zee! Categories are on their way 😃

Have used the app in iPhone for a while and what it gives me is beyond my expectation. Not a super hightech person, I always strive for the simple yet helpful things, and Habitify just suits me so good. Since I got a new Android phone, it's a little bit inconvenient to switched between the 2 to use the app in iOS. Great to know it's finally launched on Android :)))


Simple and friendly UI, precise statictis, one-time payment, friendly and fast support.


The dark mode should be a little bit darker

Wonderful app. Super suggested. Glad to be using it. Also, as an husband married to a Vietnamese woman, I am happy to see how many talented developers are popping up from this beautiful country.
@wiredmark Thank you so much for your kind words! OMG are you in Vietnam right now? How about a meetup!
@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 I'd be happy to meet with you, but we live in Birmingham, United Kingdom! However we come in Vietnam quite often. Next time is gonna be in May! My wife is from Hải Dương, but I like to travel throughout all Vietnam, north and south. If you want, look for my name (Marcello Silvestri) or my company name (Wiredmark) online and we can arrange privately 😃
@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 Actually I forgot Product Hunt has private messages :D
@wiredmark Haha yes let's discuss there 😥

I love this app


Hands down the best design throughout all habit trackers


None for me