Habitify 3.0

A free iOS habit tracker with data analytics

Habitify is the best, free modern habit tracker app that will let you organize your schedule and provide you with the motivation you need to have a productive day. Habitify also makes your life easier by showing you helpful statistics and awesome graphs to keep track of your daily habits.

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Hunters, After 1 year of development, we're proud to introduce you Habitify 3.0. The app has been completely re-designed following the amazing feedback we got from the PH community last year. Lots of small details have been added too, like the fact that you can now use Siri to mark a habit as completed.
@tiepvuvan Hey, your twitter account @habitifyapp shows habitify.co a the website, but that's a parked domain redirecting to spam. Also, the twitter account has a Mac menu bar app, but I can't find it anywhere.
The analytics in this habit-tracker looks great! This sort of insight is very helpful for users looking to understand more about their progress! Going to be reviewing this on YouTube soon!
@francescod_ales Hi! Thanks for your feedback. We have upgraded the insights part of Habitify in our new app Nirow. Please check it out on "Today" tab in PH :)



Just beautiful


Don't have option for monthly task

Hi Deborah! We have a new app called Nirow, which is just featured on Product Hunt. We have included monthly task there :)
What all habits are mentioned and can it track our habits and monitor it
Love the product, but ugh their communication. If I'd have to believe their communication the Mac app should have been finished in 2016, but still no app.