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Habitify is a powerful habit tracker which motivates you to lead a more productive life. Simple, Flexible and Motivating..

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Hey all, my friends and I started building Habitify 4 months ago and this app is first product of our team. We know there are many habit tracking apps on App Store, and some of them are good. However, we still decided to build Habitfy following our design style (clean and modern) and having some new interesting features. Here are the things that differentiate Habitify from others: - Focus on quick action, you just need to spend a few seconds everyday to overview and check off habit list: via Iphone app, Today widget on iPhone (without open or unlock your phone) or Mac app with real-time data synchronization (even in the free version). - Daily progress: Beside the stats of each habit, we also emphasize your daily progress and show it on main screen. You can see the completion rate of each day on week, and get motivated from them. - Notification, Quotes & Badges: "Check your habit list today" - it is a boring reminder for every morning! We do it better with variety of content, base on your progress, like "Let's get all of 3 targets done and make today awesome!". You also get interesting quotes and cheerful badges as a reward when reach a new goal of habit streak. - Charity donation: an additional feature, follow our mission "better you, better world". Form habits, earn points from your effort and donate them to help people in need of clean water. The streak to money conversion rate is still small, however we hope that many people use Habitify to form habits everyday, so we can make the world better together. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or comments about Habitify. Cheer!
@dat_chu Really like the design and how clean it looks. nice job!
Website down. Product active?
The charity donation feature is very interesting. It reminds me of a Tony Robbins book, where he talks about using reward and punishment to build habits. I always found it hard to make rewards for habits. This could be a really good way of doing it! Great Idea. Are you planing to make a web/Android version?
@etticat - Great to hear that. Web and android version will come in the near future.
Simple, easy to use, and run smoothly on iOS devices. Need to have more and more Vietnamese apps on AppStore like this. Keep up the great work!
@htrangtran Huge thanks from our team (y)
Mac version cannot sign in.
@chang2301 Our current Mac app isn't available because of a technical issue. To make our Mac app more stable and reliable, we decide to bring it to Mac App Store. It takes us a few weeks to develop and then, the new version will be released in early November.
@chang2301 @dat_chu I cant find the mac app on the app store. Is the mac app no longer available?