Habits to follow from the best life-changing books.

HabitCoach contains more than 500 habits from the 40 best personal and professional development books available! Discover what people do daily to be wealthy, healthy, and happy.

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👋 Hey Product Hunters! 📖 Story About a year ago, I started designing this application because I wanted to put some of the best books I read into practice. You know the feeling—I was always promising myself that I would come back to a good book and read it again or at least apply its best ideas into my life. But it’s a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. All the available apps and websites with book summaries are too abstract for me. So, I decided to take it in my hands and make an app that will tell you what you should actually do. 🚀 Now Today, I’m happy to give you all that HabitCoach has to offer. We now have 41 books in the app, including the latest book by Timothy Ferriss: Tribe of Mentors. We add about one new book each week. Check out these books in the app: 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management or The 4-Hour Workweek. Why not book summaries? Books are about two things: having a good mindset (that can be shaped with a good story) and practice. You will not find either one of these values in any book summaries I know. So, why HabitCoach? As Anthony Robbins says, repetition is the mother of skill. HabitCoach is about (1) learning what books are really about and (2) enforcing a system of repetition. Founders tend to make products that will be good for others. I made something that I actually use every morning myself. 💖 Thanks Thank you, everyone, for sending me messages of support, bug fixes, and feature ideas! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about HabitCoach. 😊 Please send me any questions you may have--I'm here for you!
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@greg_swierad Congratulations on the launch. It's out there. It's growing. The new version looks fire and I am excited to see where you take this and which books are next (maybe a "coming next" section would be exciting to add to the app to build some anticipation). Building habits is one of the most important things to creating a successful and this app definitely helps me in doing exactly that. 💪 keep going 💪
@spieglio Thanks, Chris! That's a great idea with "coming next". I will definitely consider adding it!

A lot of coaching and management books in one place!


Something I can use each day!


More books soon probably

awesomesauce! 🙌 I always feel bad reaching for another book knowing that I didn't really implement anything from the previous one... Reading is one thing but IMPLEMENTING makes the whole difference
@kamil_kaminski1 This is exactly the main assumption of what the app is about. Thanks Kamil!

I don't like the concept of having more quick fixes at your fingertips. Usually these things take time, passion, and a deep understanding of the subject, to be effective.


Can't find


It's not improving lives

Martin, I completely agree with you. In many cases, you need a deep understanding of the subject (if we talk about such books like Drive or Deep Work), however, there are also books that are simple and very practical (for example 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management). No one said that HabitCoach is a quick fix. But it's super helpful if you really want to put ideas from the book into your life.
great idea and implementation
@jeffrey_wyman Thanks! Let me know if you have any suggestions.