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Paying attention to what you feel is the most powerful way to improve your day to day life. Tracking habits with emojis might seem silly... but there is at least one person for whom it worked out. :)

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So easy to use the app! Love its simplicity and the way how I track and see the progress


- simplicity - takes a few seconds to start tracking - emojis!


- nothing yet

Thanks, Mariia! 🎷
First release at PH. BEWARE. 😀 📚 My story I was struggling with my day to day habits. I even did not pay enough attention to them . I've tried many habit trackers — and you might guess what was the result. :) 💡 Idea In 2018 I've started journaling. One thing among all I wrote was stuff like this: — «Feeling sad waking up early in the morning» — «Feeling good about doing pushups» (although is was only 5 of them :)) — «Feeling sad at failing to communicate» And so on. And... for some reason, that did had in impact on me! Wow! 🤓 Main point Feelings are more contextual for me. Paying attention to what I felt about my progress worked for me! Every day I was summarizing by day not in terms of quantity but in terms on internal attitude. If it was a super hard day and I did 4 pull ups — I am the hero. If it was easy day and I did nothing — not good. So... there's an app for that. :) Hope someone might find it useful! Cheers! P.S. I am very open hearing suggestions from you.
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