Habit Loop

An app to help you form good habits

Habit Loop is a free app to help you form good habits.

It helps to remind you when you need to achieve your goals, and lets you track your progress over time.

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Hello Chris and thank you for creating Habit Loop. I think it is important that users become aware of what they do, when and how often. Have you thought about integrating metrics related to feeling?
@aliciaheraz many thanks for the feedback. Feelings related metrics isn't something I have thought of, but it's certainly an interesting idea and one which I will investigate as I develop the app further.
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@lamplightdev Awesome! Helping your users achieve their goals is certainly good but adding emotional insight to your app where they can see how their emotions correlate to their success in achieving their goals is better :) There are many emotion detection APIs that I can recommend you to use in the next version of your app: how would you like to detect the emotions of your users? would you like to analyse their face, voice, text or finger touches?
@aliciaheraz For this purpose I think it would have to be text analysis.
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@lamplightdev Bitext Sentiment Analysis and twinword Emotion Analysis APIs are two examples of great APIs that detect emotions from language :)
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@aliciaheraz that's very helpful, thank you! I will take a closer look at both in the coming days.
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Generally, I'm having difficulty using Habit Loop between devices. The email link to desktop browser works, but the emailed link to iOS does not. I think a standard user/pw login would be preferable.