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Gal Shir — Product Designer

I'm happy to introduce my newest project - Haaazy.

Haaazy is a premium collection of high-quality hazy wallpapers. I've made Haaazy to try creating a new style for phone backgrounds which is abstract, minimal and colorful.

I aimed to make wallpapers that look good on phones and feel neutral, relaxing and comfortable with app icons above them. I've been testing these wallpapers on my phone for couple of days, and also joined some friends to test them too.

Today I'm publishing Haaazy and inviting you to try it out too. Simply visit haaazy.com from your phone browser to download your favourite wallpaper.

Would be happy to know what you think or if you have any feedback or suggestions.

Chris Messina — 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@galgalshir gorgeous!!
Braxton Huff — Creator, UI Designer
@galgalshir hey, it looks like you have an error in your text. It says “bought to you by” rather than “brought to you by”
Alexander Isora 🌀 — Phoenix Startup creator, developer
Hey Gal! Those look slick. I got the purple one.
Just one question: are they AI generated? 🐯
Bee — Indie Developer
@alexanderisora Of cause you can use some algorithm to process the original image😎 , BTW, there is an app called 「ShinePin」on App Store, which can make your own lock-screen wallpaper out of the ordinary,I think you will enjoy it🤒
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