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Hey ProductHumans (get it, PH :P ) This is a little project me and my roommate (Henry Guan [no twitter :( ]) were working on in the last week. Ha.ckathon solves a big problem I'm seeing in searching out for Hackathons. You cant. Or at least you can't find many unless you visit a few sites. Ha.ckathon was built to precompile a list of Hackathons from crawling the web and a particular few sites, pull it back, sort it out (and ad some tags) and make it into a nice list everyone can sort through :)
@bentossell Sounds like a good idea to expand too, seeing how it's really hard to find a meetup in general!
@bentossell my bad, I didn't realize that was a product name :P But I prefer the list-type style of Hackathon search so I can see my options. Also, we're close to having more Hackathons in our database :)
@4shub @bentossell Hey Ben! Thanks for the love β™₯️ Shubham, I love the enthusiasm! Great product. Keep on pushing guys! πŸš€
@mfts0 Thanks so much encouragement :)
Awesome work guys! @4shub agreed on the list style, I prefer this too. Also really digging the design - seems so crisp & simple πŸ‘ŒGood luck!
@shubham This is well thought out web app and useful as heck. I've been toying with a few templates for a new site I'm spinning up and was curious if you're releasing on as a git repo?
@marcbegins think that was meant for @4shub
@marcbegins probably not yet, but if you're just looking for how to build a site similar to this (list type site), I'd love to help you out
super cool, can we help you to improve the search?
@kevin_granger That would be awesome, please send me an email if you have the time :)
Great idea and layout/design, I only wish there were more hackathons near me! :)
@pat_woodward we've actually found hackathons in the strangest and most remote spots, hopefully our index will be complete soon!
@4shub I'm outside of Boston, but I would have assumed there would be a ton of hackathons in Portsmouth and Manchester NH. Looking forward to seeing what else gets added.