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Hey everybody – Just a quick note about this: Daniel Epstein (Founder and CEO of the Unreasonable Institute/Group) and I created this little manifesto a while ago out of frustration with all the productivity BS which is out there. We put together a set of simple principles which we felt were the most important ones in our daily practice of getting shit done. Hope you enjoy it!
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Ah ah Ah. I like it and that's already my philosophy but they are requesting us to like them on Facebook to become part of the GyShiDo–San tribe. How someone still using Facebook can get Shit Done ? ;-)
@jberrebi Hahaha. Yes. You may bestow your GyShiDo-San title upon yourself Jeremie! You earned it!
Fun fact: I gyshido-ed today too (ha) and went through my work like a samurai. Mostly that happens when my "things I have to do" and my "things I like to do" lists have a lot in common.
@lorand So much truth in that sentence! Congrats on achieving the black belt in #GyShiDo! :)
Love it! Btw... you guys only make $2 profit on selling the poster? That is pretty low :)
@sergiovariu Yeah – deduct the credit card processing fees from Gumroad and you'll find that we sell the poster at cost. Which is on purpose – we just want folks to get the poster (and thus keep it affordable). :)
I'm not sure about this Pascal Finette guy he seems like a heretic