Gyroscope Watch App

Transform your Apple Watch into the ultimate health tracker

#5 Product of the DayApril 24, 2019
Track your mood, sleep better, meditate more, work out harder—and then see how it all fits together to improve your Health Score! The new Watch App is available for free in Gyroscope V3.
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We've been working on this new Apple Watch release for over 6 months, and excited to finally share it with the world! For many years, we avoided making an Apple Watch app and just used it for passive tracking. I was particularly skeptical about how good the experience could be, compared to on a phone where there is much more room and everything performs better. Having used this app for a while now, I can say this whole experience will be life changing for many people. I'm meditating much more and working out more than I used to just because it is much easier to start tracking than with a phone. Mood tracking, already less than a minute in the app, now takes around 10-15 seconds on the watch and is really fun to do. Having Gyroscope in a complication makes it really convenient to get back to it, rather than having to mess around with the tiny app icons, and also gives a quick preview of the Health Score. The Health Score, which we've been beta testing for about a year now, is also part of this V3 release and a central part of the experience. There is a lot of powerful but complex data coming from the watch, like your VO2Max, HRV, RHR, and more... the graphs and raw data can still be seen in the app, but is simplified by having the Health Score to understand what it all means and get actionable insights on what to do next.
@aprilzero that's awesome! I just updated but the app is not showing on my watch (and I have pro), is there anything I should enable to get the app on the watch?
@patrick91 You should be able to install it from the 'watch' app on your phone. If it doesn't show there, then may need to just restart everything. Unfortunately the whole app installation process is still pretty flaky and unreliable on the watch
@aprilzero tried that too, tried to uninstall the main as well, didn't work. Hopefully it will auto install at some point :)
Nice, @aprilzero. Gyroscope was made for the Watch.
Hell yeah dude! Stoked to see this in the wild.
Love Gyroscope. Congrats @aprilzero and team !
So fantastic:) you guys do such a great job 👍🏼