Introducing a new 3D augmented reality version of your stats!
V3.5 also introduces advanced blood level and blood pressure tracking in the app for a more comprehensive view of their health.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Cool stuff in v3.5! • New Augmented Reality view of your day! • Improvements to monthly history • Improvements to company leaderboard • Fixes for song and album display • New entry for blood pressure • New cholesterol level tracking • Other bug fixes and improvements
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This release is bonkers! Nice work @aprilzero and team! Brb, I'm going to go project my stats out from this weekend to the world 😊 🌄
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I cannot believe how people still seem to sleep on this app (pun intended), I would go as far as to say that this app (along with Overcast and Apollo) are keeping me on iOS ecosystem. This is THE app. Great work you guys! I'm always looking forward to what y'all have pushed out.
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@screenshake Gyroscope is available on Android.
@screenshake @seifip1 However, HealthKit is not available on Android.
Great Job! Cant wait to try this! Questions- How do you guys deal with privacy and personal data? Pros: Awesome Functionality, innovation and easy way to manage diffrerent life areas. For something to grow it must be measured! Cons: The Book is a fantastic way foreward but is way too expensive. Though alot goes into it, there are dropshipping suppliers for book creation and intergrating with one these solutions would dramatically lower the cost to get this potentially life changing product into more hands
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@aprilzero Do you provide an API to allow access to our own data? I'd love to be able to get this integrated in another view into Home Assistant.
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