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We've been beta testing this for the last month and it is getting quite accurate! At least for people who already have their Gyroscope account fully set up — with a device like Fitbit or Apple Watch, plus RescueTime to monitor digital activity. It's been really magical to wake up every morning and see my sleep show up on aprilzero.com without doing anything. The irony is while building this feature I definitely haven't been getting enough sleep :P
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@aprilzero very cool! Using several methods to track your 😴 good work 👍
@aprilzero so cool and very well done! Hat tip to you & @myusuf3 - already have some data in there, but kinda excited to go to sleep tonight!
@aprilzero Wasn't sure the Apple Watch I woke up at 4:30am (also ironic) to purchase was gonna be totally worth it.. this thing is a super helpful for justifying it. Thanks, Anand!
A few people have asked for more details about how this works so I'd like to elaborate a bit. This release is actually a combination of two huge new features in Gyroscope Pro to help people sleep better. 1. The most advanced sleep analytics that exists. You can see your last 3 months of sleep history on the website & get various insights about it in realtime — have you been sleeping enough, when do you usually go to sleep, should you wake up earlier, what is your resting heart rate lately, etc. The impact of properly understanding and optimizing these is huge. Now I can clearly see the graph when I don't get enough sleep and instantly do something about it. 2. You might be thinking "that sounds cool but I don't have a sleep tracker so whatever". The second big feature is an Ai system that automatically figures out when you were asleep based on your existing Gyroscope data. It can work with as little as just your iPhone, and retroactively figure out when you were asleep for the past few months—so you can start to see your graphs and get those insights today. Of course the accuracy on that is going to be limited if we're just using historical data from your phone—but it is much better than nothing. Where it becomes really magical is if you already have your Gyroscope account set up—with the iPhone app, and an Apple Watch or Fitbit monitoring your heart rate, and RescueTime set up on your computer. Then we can take the intersection of all of that data, and each new stream of data just makes the Ai way smarter and more accurate. It's the best sleep tracker on the market, because it combines all of your other ones and then adds much more. One of the common issues with many sleep trackers and current approaches is false positives, like if you are in your bed but watching Netflix, or sitting on your computer in the evening and your phone is on your desk so it seems like you are totally still. But we can start to see the bigger picture, and realize when you were on your computer or when your heart rate was much higher and you weren't asleep. And all of this happens without you changing your behavior at all. It would be really easy to make an app where you type in when you went to sleep, or press a button when you are about to go to sleep — and that is how almost all of the other ones work — but the big challenge here was to make it as passive and automatic as the rest of Gyroscope. Both of these features are now part of Gyroscope Pro, which is a $7/month subscription. Buying a sleep tracker costs hundreds of dollars, so this is starting to be a really great deal.
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@aprilzero Huge gyroscope fan and pro user here! I love this and followed along the beta but can't get myself to wear my Apple watch at night. Because I charge it every night, then wake up put it on and head out. Not sure when I have time to charge it then. How have you been approaching this?
@danielsing3r Check out https://blog.gyrosco.pe/5-tips-t... — basically it charges much faster so it doesn't need to be done overnight
@aprilzero alright maybe I'll try charging it while I shower / get dressed.
@aprilzero Perhaps you mean Machine Learning (or statistics) and not AI? They're not the same, although with the rampant usage of AI as a buzz word on PH one would never know...
Gyroscope plus RescueTime, a FitBit and IFTTT is gold. Beautiful app that keeps you focused.
@jakesnr How do you use IFTTT in this workflow?
@filipmares Gyroscope has encouraged me to take out the premium RescueTime also, so I use a lot of the RescueTime IFTTT suggestions, in particular an hourly prompt for FocusTime for 5 mins to get me off the laptop to do the 250 p/h steps in FitBit (re-inforced by silent alarms), also I've got the FitBit IFTTT recipe for recording sleep as offline time in RescueTime and this shows up in the Gyroscope productivity reports. Finally, I've got FourSquare IFTTT recipe for check ins to Gyms to RescueTime. So yeah, mostly IFTTT feeds RescueTime but I wouldn't be focusing like this were it not for my premium account w/ Gyroscope.
@jakesnr ah these are some great tips on how to get the most of being a Pro user! Thanks
These reports are amazing! I'm currently using Apple Watch, Fitbit Charge HR, *AND* a Hello Sense to track my sleep. Not a single one of the reports from these devices/apps are as detailed nor as useful as Gyroscope's!
After 15 seconds on your page I still miss the answer of the most important question - WTF is Gyroscope - is it an app, is it an hardware or something else.