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A lot of people think Gyroscope is about nice graphs or visualizations. Or perhaps that we make apps to store health data. But the real products we're creating are motivation and awareness. Many people have trackers that are storing this data, but without easy access and constant awareness of it, there isn't any positive impact in your life. The Gyroscope app has gone a long way to help make your stats easily accessible and always in your pocket. This Chrome extension takes that even further, bringing the same reporting and leaderboard from the app to your new tab screen. I open new browser windows constantly throughout the day, and it's really cool to be constantly reminded of my progress throughout the day. Like the site, there are a couple themes available depending on what you care about. The first theme is called Motivation. It is a new and improved version of the original age counter on April Zero. It shows a realtime age counter — some people love it, while others may find it a bit too frightening. The second theme is called Awareness, showing the overview of all your data found on the dashboard. Steps from the iPhone app will show here, as well as other stats like your last location, heart rate or weight. Once you add friends on Gyroscope, their steps for the day will also show up in your leaderboard. Let us know what you think and which theme you prefer!
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I'm going to be honest and say that I've loved the look of Gyroscope and love how the team executes, but I've not been very proactive in taking care of my health... the past few weeks however, I have been. Its the first thing I've downloaded and will continue to use it to track my data Curious what the thought process was around adding a Chrome Extension to the Gyroscope family?
@bentossell Having been in that situation myself many times, that is exactly the scenario that we're designing for. Health is one of those things that is important but not urgent, so very easy to overlook without the right tools and reminders. We're always pretty hesitant to start on new platforms and projects, since each one takes a lot of work and maintenance. Until now we've had our hands full with the iPhone app. The latest mobile app dashboard and the website dashboard are much more glanceable — and we have so much more data constantly coming in now, from new sources like our sleep Ai — that it made a lot of sense to constantly have access to it and see it changing throughout the day. Originally we were just planning on releasing this as an update to the dashboard, but Mahdi had the idea last week to make it a Chrome extension to replace the new tab with your Gyroscope dashboard. Earlier we had thought about making a Mac app, but this seemed like a more natural way of checking these stats. Once we had a basic version working I started really enjoying checking it, and a bunch of our early beta testers were loving it too. The hardest part was not building the other 50 features we thought of adding to it. I'm looking forward to adding new themes later.
@aprilzero haha love that. Looking forward to seeing the progression :)
i'm using gyroscope for about a year now and it's really great. as a chrome user spending a lot of time in the browser this extension is great. seeing how you perform compared to your friends is a good incentive to walk more after work :)
I love the web and mobile apps, glad to see this added to the family. Will add it to the "new tabs" extension I shuffle through every time I open a tab. One minor detail bothers me a bit though : the "leaderboard" is currently not always an accurate representation of whom is most active on a particular day, because of timezones. My friends on the east coast are always ahead of me for my whole morning in Europe, even if they have the laziest day and I didn't 😁
A no brainer - immediately installed - killin that UX, keep it up! @gyroscope_app @aprilzero