Gyroscope Annual Reports

See a beautiful summary of everything you did in 2015.

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Mahdi Yusuf
CTO, Gyroscope
Tons of cool stuff to be found! We have been diving into all your data to show you what you did and what composed your past year. Looking through it was a great reminder of thing I did and forgot about! Hope you enjoy it! Cheers!
Alessia BellisarioDeveloper at Breather
Been using Gyroscope Pro for a while, *big* fan of what Anand, Mahdi and the Gyroscope team are building🔥
Andrei LyskovBusiness Development @Soylent
Met Anand Sharma for coffee beforehand because I was going to build the exact same iOS app. So glad we met because he's done a phenomenal job of building this out, and has some great features planned!
Kevin ZittleCo-Founder, GoVoluntr
I've been using Gyroscope Pro for a few months and totally love it. This is just another example of why!
Ernesto RamirezProgram Directo, QS Labs
Just digging through mine now. Really great work! Loved seeing the integration of the running app photos in the run report.
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