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Hi! My name is Lee and I'm the CEO at Gymtrack. Gymtrack is revolutionizing the fitness industry by using smart hardware to automatically track everything members perform in the gym and giving them access to Virtual Personal Training to help them achieve their goals!
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Love it. I was at 500 startups in SF a few days ago, unfortunately didn't have the chance to meet you guys.
@karlclement Hey Karl! Reach out to me via email. Sorry we didn't get a chance to connect!
@leejsilverstone how is the data used to create custom workouts? or how does the virtual personal training program? What's the price point/business model?
@eriktorenberg @leejsilverstone Hey Erik! We pull data on the weight, reps, and sets a user performs, but we don't stop there. We also track force, explosiveness, power and time under tension, just to name a few metrics. We use all of this data to allow trainers to customize plans for you through the platform. All of the tracking components are free to the user, but you can pay for a trainer to monitor your progress and update your plan as you go! No more need to search online for new workout plans!
This is the Future! Would really love to try it out.
@kwdinc Hey Kevin! Thanks a lot for the enthusiastic message! We're coming to a gym near you!
Excellent products @leejsilverstone - understanding data while working out is indeed awesome. Here are some features I think would further help the product (icing so to speak) 1) Be able to know when other machines are occupied that you plan to go to and re-prioritize your existing workout. Its never fun when you have an organized workout plan and the machine is occupied. 2) Your personal trainer's voice or a 'choose a voice' option would greatly help. Also, there are a few existing apps for mobile phones that have a virtual personal trainer guide you based on the workout you have selected - what makes your product unique on the software side.
@raj_ventures @leejsilverstone Hey Raj! Great input! Number 1 is already in the product pipeline, and number 2 is a few months out! We're even looking to bring some big names (voices haha) on board ;)