A sensor to track everything you do in the gym

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This product will be game changing for our fitness obsessed culture
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I've seen this team work up here in Ottawa. It's gonna be amazing, a great team pushing some great technology.
Looks like it works with a wearable bracelet + "smart pin" for your machine. I wonder whether they can track exercise outside of weight stack machines?
@nayafia Hey Nadia! We actually track everything in the gym including weight stack machines, barbells, dumbbells and even bodyweight exercises!
Keeping up with your regular gym routine is challening and personal trainers are expensive. This is truly changing the game. How can I try it?
@romanzadyrako Thanks Roman! Let me know if you want a free trial membership to our first SF gym to get Gymtrack, and I'll make it happen!
@leejsilverstone Which SF gym are you piloting it in? (fingers crossed for Crunch)
@danclay Hey Dan, Unfortunately we can't make that announcement yet, but keep your ears open and I'm sure you'll hear soon!
Love seeing a different approach to virtual training & quantifying fitness that targets gyms rather than individuals! @leejsilverstone some of the gym-goers most attracted to the GymTrack concept may already being using other apps/devices - do you have plans to offer integration into 3rd parties like MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, etc? Saw that bands can be resold to gym members - are those early adopter types part of your core audience or do you think this is actually of bigger benefit to users who wouldn't normally invest on this tech on their own? One of the biggest hurdles I can foresee (both for initial sales to gyms & ongoing success) is maintaining the sensors/bands. Equipment at the gym is always getting broken & gym managers know that. What are your plans for providing maintenance for the sensors & bands, especially given that system works best when ALL activity is tracked? Would totally take this for a spin if it came to a gym in NYC!
@ecetweets Thanks! We love the approach too :p We are definitely planning to open up the Gymtrack platform so that gym members can plug our data into their favourite app! Making sure users have access to their data in a way that suits them best is very important for us. I see this benefiting all gym members equally. We aren't just another wearable for early adopters and the band does not need to be worn all day. You can think of us more of a gym accessory, (like running shoes) that soon, every member will be using! As for maintaining the bands, we ensure they are as strong as possible and at a low enough price point that replacing them isn't a problem for the gym. We also have some magic up our sleeve with regards to the bracelets that we can't reveal just yet, but lets just say they work a little differently than anything you've seen to date! ;)