Gymspiration Bot

Random gym exercises in a gif for every muscle group

If you ever lack inspiration in the gym, just use the Gymspiration Bot for Telegram and it will propose you a random exercise for every muscle group.

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Congratulations. I really love the idea. Can I ask you where did you get the gifs from?
@ivandrag Thank you, Dragos! So, the GIFS all come from Google Images. That's actually how I came up with this idea. I used to search on Google for "Dumbell press gif" and thought it would be a good idea to centralise everything. I just wanted to make sure that most gifs are in the same style. I'm actually thinking to film it myself in the future and add even more exercises then.
@driesdeschepper let's make a simple Android app. 1 exercise free from each category and for more exercises we charge a membership.
Please design for FB messenger! Great concept :)
@adrian_craig I'm considering it! :-) Thank you
Looks good! I'd love the name of the exercise being returned
@evita_stenqvist That could definitely be helpful. I'll try to integrate this in a next version.
Going to gym tomorrow, will see how it works ;)
@maxim_leonovich Please let me know! :-)
Great idea! Thanks for sharing.