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Great idea guys. For the love of all that's good an holy though, can you mute the song for landing traffic
@goos3d_ie Thanks a lot! Ok, we will mute it ;)
Can anyone answer me why this project has twice more upvotes than the first place and still is in the bottom of today list? I just want to understand how PH algorithm works. @rrhoover #producthunt Thanks!
@mannyanov @rrhoover Perhaps it received a flood of upvotes too quickly after launch which PH view to be fraudulent votes
Hey there Product Hunt! We are happy to announce that GYMDER is now available worldwide. The fitness sensation from Germany is now also expanding to other countries. GYMDER has been used by many German fitness celebrities including Pamela Reif, Road to Glory and many others. The goal of GYMDER is to become the leading social fitness platform, which enables users to share their workouts, meet new people and talk about fitness. Pamela Reif: Road to Glory (He has been the first angel investor): We are looking forward to your feedback!
That guy on the thumbnail. How do I connect with HIM!?
@ericdiepeveen He is one of our most active users.
This idea is fantastic - congrats on the launch, Chris!