Gym Diary

Keep log of all your workouts

Gym Diary is a simple app for keeping track of all the workouts that you do at home or Gym.

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Hi All, I am the creator of this app Gym Diary. Its a simple app to keep track of your workout activities at any place. I created this app when i started working out and needed a simple app to keep track of my workout activities. Using this app, you can add unlimited number of exercises, create your own personal routine, keep track of your calories intake and also your body weight. You can also view your workout activities graph. This app is currently available in iOS Platform only. I would be very happy to answer your queries if you have any. Also, if you have any suggestions, ideas for the app, please do tell. Cheers!
Any plans to also have an Android app?
@jeroendeprest At the moment, i don't have any plans for android app.
This is really good. Now and then when I've looked for similar apps, all are paid or have too many features I find unnecessary. Will use this today itself, good job!
@prithsr Thanks :) Please let me know if you have any suggestions, feature requests for the app.
@gymdiarydev You have "notes" as a general thing for an entire exercise - I would appreciate if each set could have a "note" button as well. This would help me determine if in a set I performed a drop set or a superset or a set to failure, and it would be easier for me to annotate this in each specific set.
Any plan to sync with Apple Health?
@sawyerfeels Yes, absolutely. I am currently working on this and it would be available in future updates.