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Love that it includes films from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon. Here are a few more movie-recommendation/discovery hunts: - Movies - Powered by Email - Get weekly movie recommendations directly in your inbox - Moviegalaxies - Discover the Social Graph in Movies - - Find where the movie/tv show you want to watch is streaming - Netflix Roulette - Trouble choosing what to watch? Let Netflix Roulette decide - A Better Queue - Find films on Netflix actually worth watching
Lots of movie recommendations and an easy way to find those movies on iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon. Also some nice touches in the onboarding flow.
Love the idea and tried something like this myself with a simple app (Moviedo on iTunes) but ran into issues with different feeds. Really curious how you're getting Netflix data with the API being shut down. Just played with the app a little bit too. Some notes: - Performance of the entire Discover tab is really, really choppy on my iPhone 5 - Seems like there is a lot of main thread blocking that is hurting scrolling throughout - For some reason the long-press hover icons aren't retina. Looks like a plugin? - Any RottenTomatoes integration planned?
@_ryannystrom The performance at the moment is unfortunately very janky on first run - Our app store build got released with a bug that seems to hog CPU (this also explains a lot of the excess CPU usage) - Hence the discover tab / scrolling is very slow on first load of the app. Fixing it now and will get it out in an app store build in the near future. Re. non retina icons, will check into that - it's a plugin (a fork of one we tweaked quite a bit, see in fact) - but I hadn't noticed it was rendering them in non-retina - Will aim to fix that for the next release as well. With regards to Rotten Tomatoes, It's planned - we're currently looking into licensing the use of that data (since it's a much more useful rating system than we currently expose). And thanks for the detailed feedback!
I've been using ToDoMovies for months to keep track of my "want to watch" list of movies and to discover new ones. After trying Gyde last night, I'm ready to switch. I love how much focus there is on discovery and how easy it is to save a movie to your watchlist. I did find my watched movies list was quite slow to load every time. I'd second Rotten Tomatoes ratings - I also can't work out what the rating is, is that a Gyde average rating, or does it come from IMDB? integration or even email export for backups would be neat, too.
@BelleBCooper Long term we're planning on adding a simple public API you can use to export that data / let people connect it to trakt and co (it's mostly a matter of time to build it), ditto on export to email - We're big fans of giving you the freedom to export your data as you need. With regards to rating, it's an average rating from at the moment - which we also run and powers our app metadata. With regards to slow loading watchlist, that's definitely something we aim to improve in the short term.
@sutto Aha! I wonder what the connection was with Goodfilms. Awesome to see Goodfilms is powering Gyde :) Yay Melbourne teams! One other thing I noticed today is that I couldn't find all the movies I was looking for, and when I searched by "2014", I only got about 8 movies, even though there are more listed with 2014 as the release year—is that a Goodfilms issue, or something funky in Gyde? Totally get the time/resource issue for the API and such - we're in the same boat with Exist. Really loving Gyde so far and keen to see where it goes in the future :)
@BelleBCooper We only show the top 10 films for a given search at the moment (it needs to scroll back in time) - If the movie is missing completely / not showing up in search, Shoot us an email to / and I'll organise to get it added. We're working to improve coverage on any missing data (e.g. iTunes / Amazon coverage on streaming is lacking). And cheers - thanks for trying out the app!
Interesting idea, lovely on-boarding. But the app itself sucks tons of battery (lots ~5% in 3 mins of use).
@theoblochet ouch, apologies about that. There are a few things that are a little power hungry at the moment unfortunately.nnNow that we've gotten or first big release out, I'm going to be going back and working on that (along with general jankiness in the app) in the very near future.
@sutto No worries, I understand this can be an issue at start : The concept of the app is otherwise very interesting, I'll make sure to follow the updates. Good luck with that !