Measure your users' first impression

If your product doesn't wow users early, it's likely they will churn. Knowing their initial thoughts is critical to building a sticky product. Gutcheck makes this easy.
Gutcheck lets you know if you're giving users a strong start.
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Hello! I'm excited to get feedback on this from the Product Hunt community, as I think this kind of tool should resonate with people making things. Here's the quick backstory: A few months ago, I built a small app to help me keep in touch with people. Eventually, some friends encouraged me to release it, but since I built it specifically for myself with limited functionality, I didn't know if it would resonate with others. So, when I launched Kit publicly, I was most interested in new users' initial impression. To get this feedback, I sent users an email two days after signup asking what they thought. The email was mostly plain text with voting links for "I love it", "There's something there" and "It's not for me". Clicking an option took the user to a form where they could add additional comments. Because these users had just signed up, and the format was simple, the response rate was amazing (about 40%), and I learned a ton about how the app was and was not resonating. This early feedback is critical. If users don't love a product right away, they're most likely going to churn (almost direct correlation for Kit). Engaging users before they abandoned allowed me to get their feedback and keep them interested. Now, I wouldn't launch a product without asking this question. So, I moved the code out of Kit and created Gutcheck*. I think it should be very useful to any new-ish app that wants to make sure their value proposition is landing with new users. I know there are a million surveys tools, and tons of survey types (NPS, Product/Market Fit, CSAT), but in those first couple days, "What do you think?" is a very useful question. So I built Gutcheck to be a simple way to do that.
  1. You add some code to your app (similar to how you'd integrate Mailchimp)
  2. You customize the email content and delay time
  3. Gutcheck sends survey (and reminders), and asks follow up questions depending on their rating
  4. You're alerted about all new feedback
So, that's it. I'd love any and all feedback this community has. Bring it on. * FWIW, I still don't love the name, but sometimes you just need to launch the damn thing.
I love it! Very cool how you came up with this :) I totally agree on asking this question early on. I can't integrate your tool in my course but I immediately added this question to the post-purchase drip campaign :D
Love this idea. This may really help people validate assumptions and value propositions. How would you gather a users email to reach out to them? It may be useful data to know some data about the users that click they are really excited about it, what are their demographics, how did they learn about the app? Wish I could use something like this to test prototypes before coding. I'm going to try it out with Your landing page design is fantastic btw.
@sebastianxtamayo thanks! I email them after they register, so that’s how I get the email address. There’s another version for before registration that I might release later
Great job!!😊 Will check it! How to use this on a WordPress Websites? Looking forward to seeing how this helps us in our business goals.
@ayushchandra that’s a fantastic question. Do you have users registering?
@mulligan unfortunately no, that's the biggest drawback we are facing in terms of sign ups as well as event promotion
What's the best piece of feedback you got from using this with Kit?
@lauraglu1 It wasn't single feedback. It was that the majority of people felt there was something interesting about kit, but didn't love or hate it. Showed that I had intrigued them with the overall concept, but utterly failed to wow them (not surprising since i built it for myself). The specific feature-feedback I got from the people who didn't love it was that without notifications of some kind, they forgot to use it.