Gusto 2.0

A more intuitive & delightful platform for small businesses.

We just launched a refreshed look and feel. We’re the same Gusto, of course, but we’ve redesigned everything to be clearer, more usable, more accessible, and even more delightful.
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Nice rebrand and congratulations on closing your recent round!
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@sebastian_flores Thank you for the support!
@Tomerlondon have always been a fan of your site even though I haven't used it. But both twins from Coffee Meets Bagel is kind trippy
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Nice job on the redesign, @tomerlondon and team. Looks awesome.
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Congrats on the launch and all the progress. You folks are cranking! Love the new design.
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@dharmesh Thanks Dharmesh!
Could someone describe the differences between Gusto and Zenefits? It's so difficult to tell them apart even just by cost.
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