Gusto makes payroll, benefits, and HR refreshingly easy.

Gusto launched 20+ new features to make payroll, benefits, and HR even easier. Gusto now offers HSAs, FSAs, and commuter benefits; more customizable payroll reports; and friendly new hire onboarding, offer docs, and org charts. Gusto also launched three product plans, so businesses can choose the features that they need as they grow.

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Wow, ZenPayroll just made a big move by changing its name to Gusto and moving beyond just Payroll. They now offer benefits like health insurance and workers comp. I wonder what will happen to the many startups using ZenPayroll + Zenefits... will they make the move to Gusto? cc: @corleyh
If they can make payroll painless and even a little fun, I think they can do a lot of good for businesses big and small
ZenPayroll has made our job of payroll for Traveling Spoon so infinitely much easier, and really truly delightful - I have been waiting for them to open up more services so that we can have the same delightful services with our health and other benefits. Excited for the new name and changes! A truly great company. Any chance of getting more into 401(k) and other financial services for our employees, Gusto?
@stepholawrence Hi Stephanie! Thanks again for being such an amazing evangelist for Gusto! Margot says hi. :) We can’t give a specific answer or timeline right now, but we are planning to do a lot of different things to empower both employers and employees. You can definitely look forward to many other services in the future!
Love ZenPayroll and very cool to see this move!! Great job @tomerlondon
@sydney_liu_sl Thank you Sydney!
Today Gusto takes a huge leap forward in helping businesses build great places to work. Our incredible team poured their hearts to craft the next phase of one of the most loved software products for business out there. The results are stunning 🚀 Learn about our awesome new functionalities: Learn about our new product plans: Let me know if you have questions :)