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#5 Product of the DayApril 30, 2018 - discover your next favorite anything. Use your likes and dislikes to find anything from movies to food around you that you should love

I've recently discovered tons of content on Netflix that I've never seen because of recommandations. I've actually liked some items besides of keywords I would never have typed ! And I felt like I was stuck in a bubble where I'm surrounded of things that I'm sure I'd like (well, 98% sure) but without the hability to discover new areas/fields. Is this kind of bubble assumed with your model?
@tom_sp well, Netflix recommender is great but the fundamental problem is that they will be biased since they are also a content creator. How many 98% recommended shows just happen to be Netflix Originals 🙄 Gusta can remain an unbiased recommender for everything, that’s the idea.
Love how fast and lightweight it is! How are you going to beat the discovery and recommendation engines in the apps I already use? Like Yelp, Spotify, Podcaster/Breaker, Pocket/Nuzzel, IMDB, Metacritic etc.
@persak Thanks! One differentiator is on Gusta we can use your ratings in one category to recommend you stuff in another category. Your ratings on Music to integrate into your recommendations for Movies. Your ratings on Food Items to recommend you what to order at a restaurant. Your ratings on Books to recommend online articles. You get the point. Also, Gusta's filters make ratings much more customizable, you can filter by user gender, age, location, etc. For example, what music do 20-25 year old females like. What Burritos do people in Los Angeles like the most.
@persak Also, as mentioned in previous comment, other services have some ulterior motives that Gusta currently avoids. Netflix has their own shows/movies. Yelp has paying restaurants/a delivery service that they want to promote.
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
@jared__tweets Do you plan on making mobile apps for this?
@amrith if people like the web app, I would surely make native apps. I’ll just see where it goes.
FOOD NEAR YOU No results SOMEWHERE TO EAT It listed a bunch of random restaurants near me. Subway is on the top of the list. DRINKS No results PARKS No results SEVICES No results YOUR TASTES Tells me to eat breakfast burritos and french toast. How does it know my tastes if it doesn't know who I am? ARTISTS Wants me to listen to Kanye West. Is that really a recommendation? Or just people up voting their favorite artist? I live in a city with 2 million people. It's weird that most links gave me 0 results and that other links looked like the results were pulled from somewhere else. Anyway, I don't get the point of this site. Looks like a list of links that don't reflect things near me, or my tastes or anything really.. it's just random.
@tostartafire by default, results are NOT sorted by personal recommendations. They are global ratings. So Kanye is the top rated Artist on Gusta. To get recommendations, you sign in, vote on some items, then hit "Recommend For You". A lot of Categories are geofiltered, with a default of 5 mile radius, so that means nobody has added any items around you. You can increase the radius and see if anything comes up. Chances are, since Gusta is so new, there are no users in your area, thus no votes. Feel free to add items! Your favorite foods, restaurants etc.
@jared__tweets Thanks for clarifying.