All-in-one tool to automate your social media marketing

#5 Product of the DayNovember 06, 2017 is "swiss-Army-Knife", where you will find all possible tools, automation, bots and little bit of AI in one place to drive your social media marketing on autopilot

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Thanks, Ruslan for make us alive at Product Hunt :) My name is Max, and I'm founder at Guru.Social I'm happy to show you our lovely tool for automatization routine in social media. We are working on this product for almost 10 months and now ready to launch. Long story short, a lot of us get awesome traction from social media. Often this process needs huge manual work. We wanna make life easier and put the most useful features into one simple tool. Now you can manage your accounts, create content, do some kind of mass-following and so on in one tool. I guess you might have questions about how we are different from hootsuite or buffer. Let's take a look at popular tools: - Hootsuite - Buffer - Sproutsocial They are cool ones, but they don't actually automate your social marketing. They only help with scheduling content for your social accounts. For that reason, we wanted to create kind of "Swiss-Army-Knife", where you will find all possible tools, automation, bots and little bit of AI in one place! We would love to hear your feedback and ready to answer to your questions Thanks!
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What about the fact that auto-likes and auto-follows are TOS violations for both Instagram and Twitter? Your users would risk their accounts being banned for using that.
@carafnparrish you’re 100% right. They’re API key is the likely first victim though. Any real traction and their key will be forfeited and URL blacklisted.
@mikebarwick1 True that the the API key will be forfeited but they'll still be putting the account of every user at risk for being banned. Seems like an easy way to have a lot of angry users for violating a blatantly obvious rule.
Ok I’ll say it: no self-respecting marketer will use a tool named “Guru Social” that does mass following. Good luck with your endeavor though.
@vincentorleck Thanks for your feedback!
great concept!
@maksym_vysochanskyy Hey like the landing page design. Any reason you're choosing to use that payment processor instead of Stripe or anything more friendly/conventional? I got to the checkout and stopped there.
@jack7kim Hi Jack, well... we are using Payproglobal as checkout processor for more than 5 years and really like them. As far as I know, there are some cons of using Stripe: 1. You need to be more technical to insert their codes especially for recurring payments 2. They don't send notification about cancelled or declined recurring payments. If I am wrong - let me know
@maksym_vysochanskyy @jack7kim likewise, actually asking for my (private) address for signing up is a bit 'not done' in Germany, and keeps me from signing up - especially in a test phase (although I understand the lock in, I don't agree on the method)
@kees_romkes Ok thanks for your feedback and we will take that to the consideration