Coupons applied automatically

Guru is a browser extension that automatically try coupons on your favorite stores. It offers cash back in several stores and access to more than 50,000 coupons and deals.

This extension is available in Brazilian Portuguese, English and Spanish (soon)

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Neat! What's the difference between this and say, Honey?
@cedricamaya came here to ask the same question 😆
@cedricamaya @rrhoover Well, it works similar as many others. The main difference here is more languages supported. That is, it shows specific coupons for Amazon US and Amazon Brazil.
Is there a list of supported websites? Thanks!
@mgganesh There is not yet. You can go to the desired store and check if Guru's icon is active or not (active = supported store).
Yesterday, there was on here. Today, there's Guru. What differentiates your service from theirs? Again, how do get the coupon codes -- do you hunt them yourself?
@patrick_udeh The difference is that Guru shows specific coupons for each country. Currently, only US and Brazil are supported. Crawling and manual work is done.