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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 11, 2015
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Thanks Clark!! Hello Product Hunters! Looking forward to your questions and feedback! Guru lets you capture the knowledge you want to share with your team, put it into their workflow and automatically keep it up to date by having your subject matter experts verify its accuracy. It's a browser extension so you have 1-click access to all of your team knowledge and don't have to change out of your current browser tab. Also using our Context feature you can tie Guru content to the apps your team uses so it gets pushed to them when they need it.
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Love this idea, specifically for onboarding new employees.
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@afhill thanks Andrea! yes, that is a great use of Guru. here is a post one of our customers, RJMetrics wrote about how Guru reduced sales rep onboarding from 5 months to 2:
@afhill thanks Andrea, great use case! One of the ways I use Guru internally is for engineer onboarding, it helps us keep our onboarding steps up to date as well as all of our tools and libraries we use.
@afhill I'm cofounder of RJMetrics and we wrote the blog post Rick linked to above. I can confirm that this is super useful for onboarding new employees. We started with sales people, but we're starting to role it out to other departments as well. We used to have a big shoulder tapping problem, but Guru has crushed that. It's now a core part of how we educate our team.
@jakestein thanks for the kind words Jake!
+1 for Guru. We at FirstMark are not only proud investors, but daily users. Guru has been invaluable for centralizing everything from standardized descriptions of our investments (e.g., "InVision allows designers to...") to overviews of the 100+ public/private events that we run ("Data Driven is the largest monthly Big Data event...") Having these facts on hand right in your email is an enormous productivity boost, and a seamless way to keep our messaging consistent.
@dfkoz How many boards do you have going? What what are they for, specifically? Just trying to think through how to set something up.
@dfkoz Thanks Dan - great to be working with FirstMark again!
@mibi check out some example screenshots above, you can see the kinds of boards we use at Guru. They include Competitive Positioning, Sales assets, Customer Onboarding and Success, Pricing, Technical info and even App Documentation. Hopefully that inspires you!
As much as I feel like this has a lot of potential, I have to admit, I'm having a hard time understanding what Guru does. The landing page is a little text-heavy and filled with vague phrases like "capture and share knowledge with your team". How does it help me do that? I'd love to see more actual examples rather than animated images that don't have any real content on them. Sorry, don't mean to be blunt. I just wouldn't want a great product to be lost behind unclear messaging. Don't make me think!
@alirtariq great feedback, thank you and I appreciate the honesty. I think what might help you is our explainer video:
Hopefully that better explains Guru and how it can help you share your knowledge and content with your team.
@mitchellstewart that's definitely clearer! That would be helpful to have on the landing page. Maybe even a shorter version of it. Thanks for sharing it.
I can't speak to the product (yet!), but I can give a huge upvote to @ricknucci as both a great leader and a gentleman. Here in Philly, Rick devotes so much time and energy to developing our tech scene that it's amazing he has any leftover for Guru. Great job and good luck!
@jfrankel13 wow you are too kind Jonathan...thanks!