Gurgee 2.0

Optimize your path to financial independence πŸ’°

Gurgee is a free service that helps you accelerate your path to financial independence.
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Hello, Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ After talking to users and iterating for 3 months, we just launched Gurgee 2.0. Gurgee's goal is to optimize your path to financial freedom (FF). (FF is when you have enough money invested to pay for all your expenses. Some people call this retirement, or financial independence.) Within a few minutes, you'll know: πŸ’° How much money do you need to reach FF? 🏦 What's your savings rate? ⏱ How long will it take you to reach FF? 🧾 Which spending categories should you pay attention to? Next up: We are currently working on features that will help you reach FF faster ⚑️ (by showing you which debts to pay first, which insurance companies to pick, where to invest, etc...) Thoughts/ideas/questions? Let us know. πŸ™πŸΌ
A much needed product :)
@niti_shree thank you, Niti! 😊
I've been waiting on something like this for a minute
@dwaynesamuels hope you like it, Dwayne! :)
This is so cool! :)
@disha_shidham thanks, Disha! :)
Congrats on the launch @richardreeze. So awesome what you've built so far and can't wait to see how far you take it!
@robdrosenberg Thank you so much, Robert! :)