An Algorithm for Pied Piper's new Internet in real life

Some of your favorite sites like Internet Archive, Decentralized YouTube, P2P Reddit, with millions of users, are powered by GUN!

Your data is bulletproof with GUN, the Dutch Navy used it on a warship! Learn how true security works:

GUN is a tech monopoly killer, to make the internet Open & Free again!

Hunter Owens
Karan Ganesan
Hugo Josefson
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  • Joe Sweeney
    Joe SweeneySoftware Engineer

    So easy to build an app that requires a lot of real-time updates


    Very young project, a lot more learning resources needed

    I built a simple app that could do real-time websocket updates in less than 300 lines of code and no other backend. Unreal!

    Joe Sweeney has used this product for one week.
I've followed GUN from the beginning, since it originated from the painful, yet common experience of servers crashing from too much load at the last startup I worked on with Mark. He's devised the most elegant and powerful solution. A realtime, distributed, offline-first, graph database engine that is already powering digital experiences for millions of people each month. Already trusted and used by Internet Archive, the Dutch Navy, a Top 300 Global Site and several others. A relatively under the radar startup that is bound to start dominating in the months ahead.
Hi, found out on Twitter that we are on PH! Huge huge thanks & honor. Wanted to throw a BIG SHOUT OUT to our Open Source community - they are some of the nicest people I have met, truly inspiring. And I'm so happy to meet you PHers and collide awesomeness of peoples. :) For non developers, check out P2P Reddit ( ) and Decentralized YouTube ( D.Tube )! For developers, check out our 5 min interactive tutorial ( - even non developers / 1st time ever coders have finished our "beginner's tutorial" in less than 50 min! ), both Internet Archive & notabug integrated/were-built with GUN in 1 week! Will try to stay online as much as possible to answer any Qs (apologies in advance if I step in and out occasionally!). Cheers and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
It works fine on give it a try and make a mirror of it.
Beutiful. From the idea, to the docs, the execution, the way it's architected and it's approach to open source, this is amazing. I'll take parts of that stack and build on top of that. And I'll use the hell out of Gun for the next 10-20 years.
This is a... TERRIBLE name [and logo, my god] for this. Also, isn't @holochain the official @piedpiperplc? @karanganesan @marknadal
@elizabethhunker growing up, I knew people who judged others by their name - if it was an "Alice" or "Bob" they'd get the job, if it was a "Jose" or "Latisha" they wouldn't even interview them. Our message isn't for those who judge or discriminate so easily. We're challenging the status quo, and looking for people who will disrupt the largest institutions in the world - people who are fearless and willing to fight for a better tomorrow. Our message is for those people.