The easiest way to add scripts to your website

Hello Product Hunt, and thanks for taking a look at Gumshoe! We're building an app store for your website, and aim to be the package manager for the web. Right now, our product is the simplest tag manager for your website, offering a Chrome extension that lets you add tags anywhere you see them on the web. Just right-click on selected code to install. We also offer a growing gallery of products that you can install in just one click (let me know if you would like to be listed!). You can search these from your dashboard, or your Chrome bar, and see what other people are saying. There are several exclusive apps in the marketplace, such as a live visitor map that lets you look over a user's shoulder, and view their browsing session in real-time. Another app replaces tools like Analytics.js, providing event federation for analytics tracking code. As a developer, if you wish to list your app, we can provide a large chunk of your infrastructure as well, including hosting, user management and monetization. We want to make it fast and easy for developers to attract an audience, and monetize their side-projects. Thanks for checking this out! Let me know if you have any questions!
@futhey You have a lot of 'Firebase' errors mate. Its not even loading the site for me, just white page.
@moinism thanks, I'll check it out. Looks like an app we have installed, we don't use firebase on the product. (Update: removed offending app, thanks!)
@futhey Hi, does this exactly work like (that was recently acquired by Cloudfire) If yes, then wonderful it is!
@adithya thanks for your feedback! Yes, we definitely took a nod from Eager (pre-acquisition) and adapted some of the techniques they introduced, such as the visual "place widget" editor (you can try it with the google translate widget).
@futhey @adithya Hey! I was a co-founder of Eager (now at Cloudflare!), it's awesome you guys are working on this. let me know if I can help. I also noticed you're using EmbedBox for your embed, 🔥.
Looks great! Hamburger icon on mobile just reloads the elements instead of displaying the menus.
@frantzlight thanks, right now you're right, you will need to use your forward / back buttons for a good experience on mobile. We're currently working in some more mobile testing though! ;)
I don't see why I should use this over GTM, pleaae enlighten me 🤔