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Subscription gummy candy (heck yah!)

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Walter Ramirez
Walter RamirezMaker@wally_theman · Founder, Gummy Munchies, Inc.
Hey everyone, glad to be on Product Hunters :] I started Gummy Munchies simply out of a passion of mine which is not just gummies but candy in general. I would always go to stores in the hunt for gummies but I could never choose just one and would pile up my cart with different types of gummy bags and would always get awkward looks when i get to the checkout counter as i’m unloading the gummies, I’ve seen that other sites offer gummy subscriptions but none let you pick and mix your favorite custom variety. I’ve been selling candy for quite a while now. I started in middle school with a 24ct box of sour skittles selling door to door around my neighborhood and slowly branched out to distribution to several schools within my district by the time I was in high school. As the years passed I was fortunate to work for exciting companies such as Sea World Adventure Parks and Dylan’s Candy Bar I’ve also had the dreaded job working at TSA (who knows i may have thrown your water bottle away!) now that I left that position I am pursuing my dream starting with Gummy Munchies and with hopes to one day open up a brick and mortar shop in the meantime I plan to launch other separate product brands for intricate hand made lollies and fluffy artisan marshmallows. Stay tuned! Also as a thank you, feel free to use code: GUMMYHUNT for 50% OFF your entire order.
Andrew Zusman
Andrew ZusmanHunter@uxandrew · UX Designer
Gummy candy is my one achilles heel, if you will...
Daniel Klose
Daniel Klose@kloseline · Former HW Project Manager - Now Coffee
Never received my order, nor my money back! Scam, beware I call!....