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Another product with my pet-hate "Request A Demo" In this day and age with so much competition for similar solutions I'm quite surprised that this is such a big thing
@bentossell it would make sense to start a trial account straight away, but on the other hand..if it's a really technical solution and you respond straight away after the new user sent the request, you can guide him or her through the process. Help them set up the thing in their application etc. and do some quality onboarding, don't you think? But that all starts with the response rate of course after signing up ;-)
@jcvangent yeah true... I know (and think a lot of people may agree) that I just like to get stuck in and play around... maybe mess up then request a demo haha.
@bentossell hahaha that's certainly another good use case! Maybe the CTA on the button should then be "I told you so" when you want to request the demo ;-)
@bentossell Have the best product ever and then add "Request a Demo" and then you have lost me already.
Our customers tell us that our solution is differentiated from most of the noise out there. For us, a more b2b oriented sales model just works better. It matches with the DNA of our team and how we can ensure our customers get the most out of the product and service. Mobile is so different from the web in the nature of how organic discovery works - from user behavior to the gritty details of trends and semantics in the app stores. Our team spent the last 6 years refining a very big data set and technology that is made for mobile from the ground up. So many of the solutions out there simply mash up inaccurate web data or tell you how many downloads you need to chart boost -- but they don't help create a genuine organic user acquisition funnel that works. From trends to execution technique and workflow; keywords to conversion. This is our passion. Our team has been working in mobile app distribution for more than 15 years -- since the days of brew and java phones, carrier distribution and the very first downloadable apps. ' Thanks @kikischirr for the mention and, friends, HUNT ON!
This service seems like a rigorous, thorough alternative to App Annie, which has me very excited to try it out! Here's a Venture Beat article explaining more about it: It looks like something I'm going to have to try for my iOS app.