Linkedin Pulse reader reborn

The name is already taken by a recognised tool. So may be confusing
@sielay I immediately thought of the developer build tool.
@sielay yeah, we took that into consideration, but was hoping developer tool -> app store app, enough vertical separation so that one doesn't accidentally download a build system via terminal when looking for a news reader. We were playing around with "Swig" for awhile, but got scared that maybe not everyone would get that.
@wuss it's not about the download, it's about communication. You won't be able to use content marketing because you'd be covered by the bigger buzz from the more popular product.
Hi PH! Long time lurker/poster, first time maker/submitter, be gentle ;). Just wanted to give some quick backstory to GULP.TLDR version is PULSE was(is) one of my favorite apps of all time, pre-Linkedin bastardization ( to see how I feel, simply look at the current reviews for Pulse App on the app store). We simply took the best parts of Pulse, and rebuilt it. Curated/algorithmic recommendations are great, but the main reason why I loved Pulse was that it gave me a great "god" view of all my go-to feeds. All the sites and sources I hit on a regular basis. It's a great way to snipe articles to read from sources I know and trust. The original Pulse UI excelled at this, more so then any other (including currently existing) news apps. We have big plans to evolve Gulp into something more, but of course, it depends on user feedback (and traction). Check it out, let us know what you think. Partner in crime is Ilija Stevcev who currently does not have a PH account (BLASPHEMY), but is incoming. Also, if anyone is interested, 100% React Native. I'm the designer/front-end web guy learning RN, but I have to say, it's been a GREAT experience and looking forward to building more RN apps.
@wuss I agree. That swipeable grid view made browsing a lot articles at once super-easy. I hated that it was undone by LinkedIn. Thanks for bringing this back!
@andrewwarner Our pleasure! We have a v1.1 build ready to push at the end of this week. It brings lazy loading images (images only load when in view) which means overall faster loading, better onboarding (default categories and feeds), and adaptive views (tile layout changes when you only have 1 or 2 feeds in a category)
@wuss This looks great, it's nice to see someone giving the Pulse UI another go. It was the only one that got me reading my feeds and it was painful to watch LinkedIn destroy it bit by bit. Some feedback: 1) Please be a good iOS citizen and use the system Share Sheet instead of a custom screen. The lack of this was one of the things I disliked most about Pulse. AFAIK app developers can add their own Action Extensions, should this be something you're looking to add in the future. I'd like to be able to access the same tools nearly every other app on my device lets me use. 2) Please enable text selection. I use lookup/definition frequently. 3) Please enable swiping left and right between feed items. Much quicker to navigate than having to return to the grid every time. Thanks! Looking forward to using Gulp!
@parasight 1. i think we can swing that ;) 2. we'll see what we can do. Sounds super basic, but the article summary content being pulled in from the RSS has a bit more then you'd expect happening behind the curtain. 3. totally agree. Glad to meet a fellow OG Pulse appreciator. I also stopped reading my feeds entirely went Pulse went away. Something about the scan-and-snipe aspect of the grid UI was just right.