Guilded V2

Team management for eSports

Guilded V2 makes it easier for players to build and organize their gaming teams.

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It's been great to see Guilded take off since it launched on Reddit a year ago. I'm really excited about this next version of the product and its impact on the eSports world, so I thought I'd share it here. I wish I'd had it over a decade ago when I was running my Everquest Guild...
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Hey PH, We just launched a total redesign of Guilded, which makes it easier for players to build and organize their gaming teams. As part of this launch, we've partnered with many of the world's top esports teams, including Team Liquid, Cloud9, NYXL, LGD Gaming, KSV eSports and more, who we've been working with to make sure that Guilded's team management tools work for teams at the highest level of play. There's a full write-up on the details of the new redesign here, if you want all the details: Would love to hear any thoughts/questions/feedback you might have. Thanks!
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This looks great. I've worked with a few eSports orgs in the past (VwS, Reign, old Ambush Halo team, Redbyte, and a few more) and organizing communications has always been a pain. @elibrownye do you have an email I can reach you at? Would love to talk more, I still have a few friends working in this space, it might make sense to introduce you.
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@fanahova thanks! Would love to connect, my email is eli at
WOW! The design looks great. The features look useful and powerful. Think you guys really knocked it out of the park on this. Congrats on your new release! Wishing you continued success and I look forward to following your progress.
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@robdrosenberg Thank you! That's great to hear, appreciate it.
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