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Hello everyone. I'm the founder of @Guidrr, and so pleased to be featured in the awesome Product Hunt community. Our simple idea is that peer influencers are a better way to find on-demand experiences, anywhere in the world, around any topic or place of interest. So we built a way to do that. Our creation platform lets creators offer self-guiding experiences to users via the free Guidrr app, as paid in-app downloads. We welcome users to test as we have been in market less than 24 hours and experiences are currently FREE while we are doing soft launch testing. Try the app, reports bugs, and also - Become a creator yourself by applying at - we user Instagram handles as identities for creation and discovery. People who might be into us: influencers, nomads, those with wanderlust, travel bloggers, you tubers, instagrammers, (anyone who thinks about experiences more than things). Here's to #newtravel! Thank you Product Hunt!
@aassiaharoonhaq congrats on the launch! What are some of the key differences between Guidrr and WikiVoyage for the consumption side of the business? P.S. Completely agree that experiences > things
@sixside @aassiaharoonhaq Jason sorry for the late response. Was on a long haul flight! Some key differences are that Guidrr represents the specific pathway through a place searchable by peer/ person, rather than a searchable general collection of knowledge from the traveler community searchable by place. From the consumption side, it's also a mobile user experience, rather than Web based one. Also, guides are available offline once purchased requiring no data except to connect to an external phone map - this makes it far easier to actually navigate when in the location. Love how wiki communities serve our world. I see those who post there as also great creators for Guidrr. We're solving the same problem, but in different ways. Thanks for the congrats. One small step in a big vision and journey for Guidrr - and our creators.
@aassiaharoonhaq - would love to hear the story behind Guidrr :) Why do you think there is a need for this particular product?
@bentossell - would love to share the back story. I'm an avid traveler, but also a serial startup entrepreneur with a strong interest in on-demand/sharing economy platforms and active internationally in that community and the future of work communities. I'd been searching for a way to serve what I saw as a growing community of location independent / digital nomads with better ways to navigate places peer to peer and a better way to use content while on the go (data offline, personalized step by step, around topics of mutual interest, discoverable by person rather than place). I'm a former CMO with a huge interest in digital influencers, and while spending time in Florence last year, I discussed Guidrr with a local blogger there and asked about her pain points and from there, set out to build a solution that serves those with influence but not resources to monetize and capitalize on it. Today we have creators who have applied from 7 counties on 4 continents - and counting. Guidrr solves a problem that we believe faces a growing market of those with peer to peer influence - to go beyond the freemium and better engage followers and convert them into a deeper engagement. 340M of the 400M impressions on Instagram are about travel, there is a huge hunger for on-demand trip inspiration. Long story short, we see Guidrr as the Esty for Experiences, a way to offer beautifully handcrafted knowledge as a product consumable by the global market. We see it connecting curious travelers (like me, and many of my friends), with those peers that can share unique, original perspectives, in any language, around any interest or place of their choosing. We believe the need exists on both sides of a multi-sided market, but we will only learn about our true product-market fit, when we observe how users and creators behave. That's the part of our journey that began yesterday with our launch.
Hi @corleyh @bentossell @jason1peng wanted to share that Guidrr app got picked up by today as Killer Startup of the Day. - We didn't pitch them, but they found us by world of mouth, just like Product Hunt did. I wanted to share across the review: (and ps: watch this space tomorrow as we have a special holiday thanks for our early adopter community coming)
We're doing a fun outreach effort in advance of a visit to #SanFrancisco - join us in sharing a travel tip @bentossell @corley at - we'll share the guide back with @ProductHunt community #GuidrrGoestoSFO