A beautiful low-fee, fully-automated 401(k)

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Hello Product Hunt! I'm Jeremy, a cofounder and designer at Guideline and we're happy to be here. Our number one goal is to finally make 401(k) a true benefit for working Americans. That starts with ultra-low participant fees! Guideline 401(k) participants pay only a 0.13% fund expense, the lowest in the industry. We would charge 0% if we could, but we needed that to cover our costs. We are a 3(38) fiduciary. Every move we make is in our participant's best interests. Guideline is fully automated, meaning employers don't carry the burden of having to manage changing contribution amounts and sync with payroll. We handle all of that. All that's left for them is a low per-participant monthly fee. For more info, I suggest you read Kevin's (Guideline CEO) medium post: Or if you haven't seen it yet, John Oliver's rant on today's 401(k):
We're happy to answer any questions you might have!
@jeremycaballero Congratulations on the launch! App looks beautiful :) Would love to grab coffee sometime and talk fintech shop!
Can you provide a list of the funds you guys support? would be great to see this on the website!
@jordan_fitz That question seems to be bubbling up a lot. Working on a page on our site for it. Will keep you updated!
How does this compare vs. Betterment Business offering?