A quick, context-based customer support widget

Guidde is a way to provide support to your customers without the noise chat-based solutions usually bring. Instead of making your knowledge base look like a backup plan, we make it the default resource for your customers to get instant help. ⚡️

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Hi, Product Hunt! 👋 I'm Diego, maker of Guidde and Amigofono, a Brazilian startup helping speech therapists to get better and faster results with their patients. 🚨 The problem In the early days of Amigofono, our support was 100% based on a chat widget because, well... everyone else was doing the same. After a few weeks, it was quite easy to notice that it was not sustainable to keep on this route anymore once we were drowning in spammy or unrelated messages. As a team of two, having the time to keep building our product and offering personal support (yep, no macros and automatizations here) was equally critical for us. ✨ Our solution Instead of making customers get in touch with us to get the help they needed, we wanted to remove barriers and make all the support content easily accessible and context based. And that's what Guidde does, it allows customers to get successful using your product without having to wait for you to reply to a message, giving more freedom for both of you. Oh, and of course, whenever they need, they can still send you a message, but we make sure to manage their expectations, so they won't be waiting for an instant response back. 😉 If you have any tips, suggestions, critics or just wanna say hi, please, drop a line below, I'll be very happy to talk about it! Thank you very much! 👏
Seems very awesome and has a nice free tier :) "Keep track of all unanswered questions. Knowing which terms are not returning results, you can easily build the content your customers need." ➡️ This feature sounds perfect! Oftentimes creators know the product so well and cannot anticipate the issues their customers end up facing. "Join us for free. It won't take more than 2 minutes to setup your account. No credit cards required. No marketing emails." ➡️ This is a very nice, straight-forward and convincing CTA 😉
@anna_0x Thank you very much for taking the time to actually read our landing page, Anna. Receiving feedback from a talented designer definitely means a lot! 🙏 P.S.: Your drawings are AMAZING!
@diegocouto of course, I love analyzing landing pages 😆 PS: THANK YOU very much! 🙇🏻‍♂️