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hi! I'm Rachel, the co-founder of guesterly. guesterly started with a simple pain point: when my husband and I were planning our wedding, our friends and family were coming in from all parts of the country and didn't know each other. How could we help them connect--so they'd have a great time? Our solution was to create a little booklet featuring names, photos, and fun facts about everyone. It was a HIT--and soon we were making them for friends, then friends of friends, and then companies like P&G asked for guesterly directories for their sales conferences. At first, we made these all by hand--talk about arts&crafts!--but now we have serious software that makes the whole process easy and automated for everyone involved: an event organizer chooses a few questions; shares their unique form with attendees; everyone fills it out and the answers are automatically collated into a flipbook; and the organizer purchases, either as digital or print booklets. It's being used for everything from destination weddings to class reunions, corporate retreats, and milestone birthday parties. Imagine walking into your next event--where you know no one!--with a curated guesterly directory that empowers you to discover new people--and more importantly, discover what you can have a great conversation with them about. Then, after you have that meaningful connection, guesterly helps you follow up and stay in touch. That's the experience we're creating. Please try it out--we would love your feedback! Cheers, Rachel, guesterly co-founder
Team YEC loves Guesterly. We use custom designed Guesterly for our member retreats and events so our guests can anticipate who they'll meet, discover fun facts and talking points to use once then they meet in person. Super valuable tool for our growing community and adds great value to our in-person events.