Touchscreen device to revolutionize vacation rentals

#4 Product of the DayMarch 11, 2019
GuestBot is wall-mounted touchscreen device for vacation rental properties. Vacation rentals have become an alternative to hotels for many people. But they're still behind in technology.The goal is to make platform to revolutionize the vacation rental industry
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Hello all, I'm the maker of GuestBot. I've had this idea while I was on a vacation in vacation rental property. I used to go hotels but lately I started to enjoy going to vacation rentals. However, I realized vacation rentals can benefit from new technologies to better compete with hotels. The difference between vacation rentals and hotels is that once you enter the vacation rental you're on your own. Communication with the host is minimal and there are no services that you can expect. However, that can change, and that's why I built GuestBot. The goal of the GuestBot platform is not only to allow the host to provide additional services to the guest, but also to connect both the guest and the host with a network of local businesses and other professionals. So for example the guest can have access to offers from local restaurants and tourist attractions. And the host can also have access to cleaning services and property managers,..etc. The device can serve as the communication hub between guest, host and other vendors.
@maannajjar I can image this being linked with some smart devices (bulbs, tv, etc) to make the check in experience incredible!
@realdeanward that's great idea, we have plans to integrate smart devices using Z-Wave module. However, this model doesn't support it yet but definitely will be in the next model
Congrats on the launch! Where are you guys launching this first / where does the same day grocery delivery service will work first? Excited to see new products come serve the vacation rental markets.
@pierrebecerril Thanks Pierre! We are launching this first in the US and and same day grocery delivery service will work on most of US states. We're definitely planning to expand to European market once we scale up
great idea. does this integrate with airbnb etc.?
useful and attractive. good product