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The Pepo platform was designed to give influencers and experts maximum flexibility for hosting live messaging communities. Pepo fills a space by enabling influencers and experts to host ongoing chats with their followers while also helping them reach and engage with new followers. Pepo Channel hosts can make their Pepo Channels public, private, or secret. Pepo Channel hosts can also control who can post messages vs. who can only react and reply to messages from the hosts.
@erictwillis Thanks for hunting @pepohq ! And hi Hunters! -- I'm Jason Goldberg, founder and product lead at Pepo. Pepo, the app that enables anyone to create and join live messaging communities, announces the launch of Guest Questions & Stories, and Live Q&A. * Pepo Channel participants can now submit video, text, and photo questions and stories to Pepo Channel hosts. The hosts decide whether to accept the questions or stories and reply with video, photos, or text. * Pepo Channel hosts can “go live” for up to 4 hours to host online-now video & text Q&A sessions with their followers. Pepo is the place to connect with people who share your passions. The Pepo platform enables anyone to create a Pepo Channel on any topic. Each Pepo Channel is a live messaging community connecting insiders and fellow enthusiasts. Thousands of people participate in Pepo channels on topics such as: Travel, Food, Cooking, Fashion, Pets, Shopping, Gay & Lesbian, Design, Interiors, Fitness, Health, Technology, Startups, and more. No matter your interests, Pepo connects you with the people and voices that matter most to you. Pepo was founded in February 2016 and launched to the public on 27 October, 2016. Since the beginning of 2017 Pepo has seen steady growth in usage and retention fueled by high quality Pepo Channels being hosted by the likes of: -Hippie in Heels, 14.6K views -Nomadic Boys Gay Travel 13K views -Globetrotter Girls, 9.5K views -Best Places to Go in 2017, 18K views -Travels of Adam, 3K views -Cooking, 33K views -Design & Interiors by Camron, 12.5K -Thai Food Stories, 7.5K views -Miss Foodie Problems, 8K views -The Foodie Diaries, 3.7K views -My Parisian Life, 6.3K views -Sam I Am, 5K views -The Girl Next Shore, 4K views -BosFit NYC, 8.4K views -Bodyweight Training, 9K views -Berlin Food Stories, 11K views -Global Gay Travelers, 48K views -Men’s Style 5.3K views -eTramping, 10K views -Travel Partners & Meetups, 4.4K -Madrid Foodies, 8K The new features have begun rolling out to Pepo Members world-wide. Pepo Members will need to download the new versions of Pepo for iPhone and Android to access the new features. https://pepo.app.link/yl0qTg3hVz
Thanks for all the support from the Product Hunt community! We're having a fun time building Pepo and we're doing our best to make it better and better. Keep the awesome feedback coming!
Brilliant Stuff! Looking forward to some interesting Q&As!