A spreadsheet for things that aren't certain

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Hi Product Hunt! I'm surprised and happy to find Guesstimate on here. Some product-focused things that I recommend estimating include: - What do you expect revenue and profit to be like for a new product? - Just how big is a given market? - How long with a long product take to make? - Is it worth it to set up Elasticsearch, or save time but spend more money with Algolia? My own Guesstimate page has several guesstimates that are well put together, but it seems like there are many other ideas recently as well. Happy to answer any questions!
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@ozziegooen You hair is incredible. Just noticed that on your profile image. :)
There's also a good amount of discussion on the hackernews thread.
@ozziegooen very interesting - do you plan to offer templates for common problems? And is there a way to record the outcomes so that you can test the model over time?
@grmeyer Great questions. I plan to offer the ability to clone models, and then help make useful models as templates. Recording outcomes is definitely something I've been intending for. I want to say yes, but so far few people have requested this, so it will likely come after some more statistical work.
Love the slogan "Use Numbers With Uncertainty"!
Thought this was super cool! Humans are generally bad with dealing with uncertainty and this should be useful.